giovedì 24 luglio 2014

Ostuni: the White Town

Let's talk about Ostuni, the "White Town".

The White Town in the twilight!

During summer, I always go for a walk in the beautiful centre of this town castled on a hill that impends over olive tree gloves of Murgia with its whiteness.

For centuries this place has been  a junction of different peoples, Japigi and Messapi, Ostrogoths and Longobards, Suabians and Normans and keeps this characteristic nowadays too. In the crowd you can hear a wonderful mixture of different languages!  

Here I'd have something fresh to drink...and you?

The old town centre is an up and down of little streets, full of cute souvenir stores and tasty things that are typical of this land. Following the main road, you reach the Cathedral: just stop and admire its beautiful rose window on the facade (few things are so beutiful) to end with a little street that gives on the panoramic viewpoint.

Little streets in the old town centre

The Cathedral and its rose window

Keep walking...toward the panoramic viewpoint!

The charitable Saint Oronzo

What do you think of this little pearl of Apulia? I never miss the possibility to go and walk and maybe have something to drink at the feet of Saint Oronzo. And you? Have you ever been in the "White Town"?

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